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Barbara Lewis-Harris -          "The Velvet Voice"

The thriller BAD SEED played beautifully at the Harlequin Dinner Theatre in San Antonio, TX!
My character, Monica Breedlove was a "hoot".  Opinionated, Loving and Upfront!  Her  amateur psychological analysis went a long way with her fellow characters.  And her playful joking with brother, Emory, played by Wayne Cantero, was just plain funny! 
Had so much fun with a wonderful cast!
Reservations at 210-222-9694

Here's the link to our play's review.

The Spring 2013 Act One Series was a SUCCESS!
Eight short plays in 2 hours!
I directed LOTTIE written by Barry Gomer and played by
Judy Utley, Ken Smith, Laurie Sanders and Ted Gibbs.

Can you write a story in script format that can be
read in 15 minutes?

Send your unpublished script to:
Deadline for 2015 scripts is January 15, 2015.
Ever wanted to Direct a play and haven't had the opportunity?
Submit your name and acting experience to Act One to be considered.

The 2012 Christian film, ETERNALLY DECEIVED
was an inspiring story from a phenomenal
group of film makers, GORDON PRODUCTIONS
in SAN ANTONIO.  I played the Narrator and Grandmother.  The DVD can be purchased
from Gordon Productions at this website: 
I'm co-writing the lyrics for a
Christian album called
with my Grandson, Ryan Searcy. 
It will be awesome when we get this
project on CD.  First one called
"I LOVE YOU SO" is in the can.
"ONE WORRY LESS" is up next.
Will keep you updated.

was a hit!  I played Ethel Thayer alongside my co-star, Lyn Utley as Norman.  What a show! 
Produced by Harlequin Dinner
Theater at Ft Sam Houston at
San Antonio, Texas.
Read the San Antonio Express News Review:
at Circle Arts Theater in New Braunfels, Texas
had sixteen shows and
sixteen standing ovations!
There is so much going on and I'm loving
every minute of it!  
                I have been so blessed.  Thank you, Lord.
Still working on a novel called SWAN SONG, based on  facts about my music life from little girl to now.
By the way, THANK YOU for remembering your waiters and entertainers when you have enjoyed yourself at your favorite spot.  Your tips encourage them to be the best they can be and it helps pay the bills.  Another big compliment you can give to a singer, a band or actor is to dance to their music or talk to others
about that actor's performance. 
Actors/Musicians work hard to be memorable!
Just a note:
I'm also a master quilter and that web address is
Connect with me at Linkedin
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In the meantime, enjoy these pages
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